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Keep these things in your car, just in case

We’ve all had moments in a car of finding ourselves unprepared for even small disruptions—an accidental spill, an unexpected oversized purchase—and wishing we had on hand the very thing that would minimize that disruption. Besides what we typically view as daily car necessities—charging cable, hand sanitizer, YETI mug—consider including some practical tools and items that may not be used regularly, but may very well become essential under the right circumstances.

Whether driving to work, running errands, or taking an extended road trip, consider investing in a few versatile items that can easily be stored in dashboard or trunk. It’ll make managing the inevitable inconveniences of road travel (and life, in general) a lot less stressful.

Getting behind the wheel of a car, whether for a quick jaunt to visit a friend, or for a weekend getaway, should be an enjoyable, invigorating experience. But all it takes is one unanticipated event—and no quick solution—to turn an exciting journey into a stressful few hours. Preparing for the unexpected, though, is one way of getting ahead of things. Make time and room for a couple of practical, well-designed items that stay put in your car—just in case—and leave behind the conveniences of home without a second thought.

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