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Next-level paints to inspire a young artist

If you have a creative kid, or two, in the house, chances are you go through paints like (colorful) wildfire. Before you re-order the same  basic paint sets, consider upping your kiddo’s creativity game with new textures and effects. Not only are sets like these easy-to-use (for kids or creative grown-ups), they come in vibrant colors, they’re texturally novel, and provide a great way to encourage mindful focus. Inspire your kid’s creativity, and tag along for the ride, with these next-level paint and creativity tools. Just don’t forget to wear a smock.

If your junior painter is ready to do something a little more creative with their talents, these unique paint and marker sets make for a great value buy. Most of the sets will work on a variety of surfaces, which also makes them great for art projects. (Not to mention things like chalk markers are very easy for mom and dad to use in at-home projects, like dinner party menus or shopping lists.) Kick your kid’s creativity into high gear and watch your little artist shine.

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