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Next-level paints to inspire a young artist

If you have a creative kid, or two, in the house, chances are you go through paints like (colorful) wildfire. Before you re-order the same  basic paint sets, consider upping your kiddo’s creativity game with new textures and effects. Not only are sets like these easy-to-use (for kids or creative grown-ups), they come in vibrant colors, they’re texturally novel, and provide a great way to encourage mindful focus. Inspire your kid’s creativity, and tag along for the ride, with these next-level paint and creativity tools. Just don’t forget to wear a smock.

If your junior painter is ready to do something a little more creative with their talents, these unique paint and marker sets make for a great value buy. Most of the sets will work on a variety of surfaces, which also makes them great for art projects. (Not to mention things like chalk markers are very easy for mom and dad to use in at-home projects, like dinner party menus or shopping lists.) Kick your kid’s creativity into high gear and watch your little artist shine.

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Encouragement in the form of musical accessories, or even a beginner's instrument itself, is the kind of supporting gesture any novice musician is bound to appreciate. Below, we've selected a few well-priced items that make practical gifts for those just beginning their musical journey. Whether gifted to a colleague, to someone you adore, or even to yourself, these simple finds are sure to have any would-be musician singing their praises.

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The world of horns and woodwinds is like a vast musical soundscape, but before you can dive into the deep end, you’ll need a footing in the basics. Fortunately there's a space where value and durability intersect in the music world. These introductory-level instruments are comparatively affordable, easy to manage, and (most importantly) capable of producing some beautiful sounds, with just a bit of practice. From pink clarinets to a shimmering gold tenor saxophone, here are five instruments in horn and woodwind to get your hobby started.

Getting started or rounding out your sound with a woodwind or horn doesn't have to mean a major investment. Instruments like these provide reliable sound, well-rated by a variety of players. And the kits come with all the supplies you'll need to keep your new trombone, clarinet, or saxophone sounding smooth and rich as can be. All you have to do is invest a bit, then practice (practice, practice).

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Self enhancement is a quest to improve the quality of our lives with personal challenges. There are many ways to do this, but playing a cello can be a great way to not only learn this wonderful skill, but also increase our mental focus. This is true for our children as well as for us. We may have taken up playing cello as a child, but if not we can also take this opportunity as an adult.

There are electric versions of stringed instruments offer the same excellent function of the acoustic style. The benefit of electric is that playing and practice can occur silently. This means we can play without disturbing others. This uses an output jack linked to a headset for silent play. We can also connect to an amplifier for performances.

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