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The best joint pain relief cream of 2024

best joint pain cream
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As we age, we begin to experience things we wouldn’t have faced a decade or two before. Loose and wrinkly skin, a shorter stature, and most notably, joint pain. A good diet and a few other healthy habits can help us feel our best, but if there’s one way to relieve joint pain quickly, it’s with a high-quality cream.

To help you get some much-needed comfort, we’ve reviewed the best joint relief creams of 2024. We found that Dr. Hoy’s natural pain relief gel works fast to alleviate pain from strains, sprains, soreness, and more, making it the top choice on our list.

The best joint pain relief creams

dr.hoy's joint pain cream

Doctor Hoy’s Natural joint pain relief gel – Best overall

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For fast-acting relief and an easy gel application, Doctor Hoy’s natural pain relief gel is the ideal choice. This topical anti-inflammatory gel is designed to provide deep pain relief from arthritis, sprains, muscle strains and soreness, joint and back pain, formulated with menthol and camphor.

The gel dries on clear and leaves no sticky residue and you can use it as a preventative before activities to reduce soreness and pain afterwards. This 3 oz roll-on gel is also paraben-free, cruelty-free, non-toxic, and safe for children, delivering a fast, effective, and natural cooling relief.


  • Provides effective pain relief
  • Useful for various muscle strains
  • Dries quickly with no residue


  • Has a fairly strong smell
workvie joint pain cream

Workvie joint pain relief cream – Great for inflammation

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The Workvie joint pain relief cream provides instant topical pain relief for those suffering from pulls and strains, as well as pinched nerves and inflammation. This roll-on pain relief cream is made of extra-strength ingredients like lidocaine, arnica, menthol, eucalyptus, MSM, and more. It’s specifically designed to provide maximum numbing relief in 25 minutes, making it perfect for waxing or tattoo numbing prior to treatment.

This formulation is also suitable for those who have sensitive skin, as it is free from dyes, parabens, and NSAIDs; all while delivering a vanishing scent and being non-staining. The cream is physician recommended, vegan, and not tested on animals. The easy roll-on format ensures that quick, targeted relief can be delivered exactly where it’s needed without worrying about sticking or peeling. Its fast-acting formula begins working on contact to offer meaningful results right away. Plus the large coverage area allows it to effectively treat issues like back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, and arthritis.


  • Can cover larger areas than patches
  • Relieves pain from fibromyalgia, back pain, and neuropathy
  • Relaxing menthol smell


  • Takes at least 30 minutes to reduce pain
activene joint pain cream

Activene joint pain relief cream – Great value

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Whether you’re a recovering athlete or sitting all week on your sciatic nerve, attend to all your creaky joints with the Activene joint pain relief cream. This cream can be applied to joints, tendons, and muscles to relieve all the aches you feel throughout the day. Soothe inflammation on and under your skin with the menthol and aloe vera infused in the cream. The refreshing mint scent from these ingredients is also a nice benefit.

For those who suffer from conditions that cause chronic pain, like arthritis, fibromyalgia, or plantar fasciitis, this joint pain relief cream will melt the pain away. The soothing relief you will feel when you use this cream from Activene guarantees it a high spot on this list.


  • Calms inflammations, aches
  • Refreshing mint scent
  • Cruelty-free


  • Low menthol percentage
remedial pax joint pain cream

Remedial joint pain relief cream – Best hemp cream

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Hemp is a plant that’s often associated with marijuana, and while they have their similarities, hemp is more known for its health benefits than anything else. One such benefit is joint pain relief, and Remedial’s cream formula certainly does the job.

It’s made completely out of natural ingredients that can help relieve pain from just about anywhere. It’s also made in the U.S., so you can feel good about supporting the economy by buying the product.


  • Potent and fast-acting
  • Soothing menthol feel upon application
  • Made out of hemp and other natural ingredients


  • Availability may vary
voltaren joint pain cream

Voltaren joint pain relief cream – Best pain gel

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Instead of rubbing cream all over your skin, why not use gel instead? This pain gel is an alternative to the pills and capsules you’d often drink, and it comes packed in these small yet easy-to-use packages, perfect for quick applications. It’s both paraben and dye-free, keeping your skin safe as you apply it over the affected area.

The gel will feel slightly different than the creams you may have been used to, but it’s just as effective. The twist cap that keeps the gel inside the packs can easily be twisted even by the elderly, making it a great gift to those who need it.


  • Easy-to-open twist cap
  • Gel-based formula
  • Paraben and dye-free


  • Can feel a little different on your skin
penetrex joint pain cream

Penetrex joint pain relief cream – Best for muscles

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Joints aren’t the only part of the body that can feel sore. Even muscle groups can feel in pain after a while, even if you haven’t been doing any sort of exercise. Penetrex’s formula includes Vitamin B6, Glucosamine, and other potent compounds that can help relieve pain in the affected areas, whether it be a joint or muscle.

The formula is also safe for use together with other therapy methods such as heading and cold compress. With a scent that vanishes without a trace, you can apply it as needed and not even know it was there minutes later.


  • Works on both joints and muscles
  • Can be used with other therapy methods
  • Scent vanishes after a while


  • Must be applied often for maximum effectiveness
aspercreme joint pain cream

Aspercreme joint pain relief cream – Best odor-free

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Pain relief creams are handy and all, but some of them have a smell or odor to them that can be unbearable to certain people. And it’s a trend that you’ll notice across many different healthcare products, so seeing it in pain relief creams isn’t all that surprising.

But it doesn’t have to be the norm — Aspercreme’s pain relief cream contains an odorless formula that works on the affected area. It’s non-greasy and offers maximum relief, delivering results fairly quickly. If you want something that you won’t even notice on your skin after it’s applied, check this product out.


  • Odorless formula
  • Cap is easy to open and close
  • Non-greasy on the skin


  • Packaging could be better

best joint pain cream

Joint pain relief cream: a buyer’s guide

Joint pain is one of the worst feelings in the world, but fortunately, it’s treatable. Learn more about joint pain relief cream in this buyer’s guide.

Why do joints hurt in the first place?

Joints are the parts of your body that connect one set of bones and muscles to another. They allow you to move and turn in different positions without causing harm to your body. But that doesn’t mean they’re perfect, and anyone, regardless of age, can feel joint pain. But what causes it?

There are a few reasons why you may feel joint, pain, some of which don’t even have to do with age. A fever or viral infection can easily be responsible for temporary joint pains, and some chronic disorders may also cause similar symptoms. However, when it comes to joint pains, by far the most well-known cause is aging.

The reason behind this is that as you grow older, the lubricating liquid in your joints lessens, and this means that your bones rub on each other more abrasively than they would have before. It’s more or less an unavoidable circumstance, and while you can deal with it via a proper diet and medication, there’s only so much you can do.

Fortunately, there are ways to deal with it in the short term with the help of pain relief creams.

Factors in choosing the right joint pain relief cream


The ingredients of a joint pain relief cream can heavily affect how well they work on your joints. Aside from this, some people may be allergic to certain ingredients, which is why it’s always important to take a look at the ingredients first and foremost before buying a product.

When choosing a joint pain relief cream based on the ingredients, take a look at whether or not they use any natural ingredients, and whether or not they’re GMO-free. While not everybody is concerned about using natural ingredients, it may be something you’re looking for in a product.


Joint pain relief cream doesn’t last forever, and you’ll eventually run out of cream to work with. As such, you’ll need to think about the size of the cream product when buying it. If you think it’ll only last a couple of weeks, consider getting a larger bottle of cream, or better yet, buy multiple bottles instead.


Creams can sometimes leave behind scents or odors that may or may not sit well with you. Fortunately, many joint pain relief creams are made to be odorless or have a vanishing scent. That way, you don’t need to worry about any lingering smell after use.

Tips when using joint pain relief creams

Clean your skin first if possible

Cleaning your skin before applying the cream is a given in skincare routines, but it’s also a good idea to do when using joint pain relief creams. This is because your skin may still contain external particles such as dirt and dead skin cells, all of which may slow down your skin’s absorption process of the cream.

Apply as directed

This may sound like a no-brainer, but it’s important that you apply the cream as directed by the product packaging. Some creams are best used reactively, meaning that you use them as you’re already feeling joint pain. On the other hand, there are other creams that are used regularly regardless of joint condition, with the goal of providing a more long-term solution to joint pain. Use these products accordingly.

What we look for in joint pain relief creams

Joint pain relief creams vary from brand to brand, and we have a few different criteria we look out for when choosing products. We usually think about the effectiveness of the relief cream, as well as the ingredients used, the price, and even the packaging. Finally, we take a look at customer reviews to see how effective they are across various use cases and conditions.

Common questions about joint pain relief creams

Are joint pain relief creams permanent?

Joint pain relief creams do not permanently relieve the symptoms of arthritis and other joint-related disorders. Rather, they only relieve the symptoms for a time.

What are joint pain relief creams made of?

Joint pain relief creams contain various ingredients, including natural ones such as hemp and menthol.

Do I need to use joint pain relief creams every day?

For maximum effectiveness, it’s best to use the relief cream as directed, which may or may not involve daily use.

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