Why you have arm flab, and how to get rid of it

Ugh. You are waving by to your family and you can feel your chicken wing flapping in the wind. When did that even get there? How long has that been there? Why are my arms so fat? As you get older, your body needs a bit more attention.

There are certain areas that lose tone faster as you get older. That’s why you see a lot of elderly people with fat arms and a skinny body. As you age, your body doesn’t keep its shape like it used to. The memory foam is out of memory, so to speak. So if you want your bat wings to tighten up, let’s look at how we can make that happen.


Who is prone to have arm flab

Unfortunately, if you are prone to carrying around extra weight anyway, your arms are probably out of shape. Your upper arms are a great place for fat deposits to hang out. It’s just the way it is. There are types of people who will be prone to gaining upper arm flab:

  • Elderly
  • Women
  • People who life a sedentary life
  • Low or drop in testosterone

These can be controlled through proper diet and targeted exercise. Just because you are a woman over a certain age doesn’t mean that you can’t change your diet and add certain exercises to get your arms the way you want. It only means you have to work a little harder and a little more specifically toward your goal.

Easy exercises to do without weights

There are some really easy exercises that are low-impact that you can do to help get rid of arm fat and reduce overall body fat:

  • Arm circles

This one is super easy. Make your body a T and do about 15-20 circles each direction, for about three sets total. If your arms hurt or shake before that, start with one set, and work your way up to three. If you are watching a show while doing these, the time will go by super fast and you’ll be done in no time.

  • Side plank

Side planks will be a little harder if you aren’t used to it. But once you get the hang of it, it will work not only your arms, but your shoulders and your core. You can do two sets of up-and-down reps, or two sets of 30-second holds on each side, whichever is good for your comfort level.

  • Punches

Not only will doing punches work your arms, but if you do a slight twist with them you will work your core and back, as well. Lower yourself into a slight squat and get your legs and butt, as well. Depending on your level, start with 15-20 punches on each side and do two to four sets. This is another one that can easily be done while watching a show.

  • Tricep dip

For this one, you do need a chair or the couch. You’ll feel this one pretty quickly in the back of your arms. You are using your body weight to give your arms a workout as you lift yourself up and down off the chair. Try for 10-15 reps and at least two sets of this one. If you have a sturdy couch, this can be done in front of the TV, as well.

  • Superman

These are great for your arms, your back, your butt, and your legs. You lie down on your stomach and lift your extended arms and legs and hold it. It’s exactly as the name says, you should look like you are flying with Superman. Hold for five to 10 seconds in that position, and do 10 reps for two sets.

  • Sidewalk plank

It’s an elevated plank position where you walk on your hands back and forth. You’ll also work your abs and legs, as well. Go about two to three steps each way for about 30 seconds to start and work your way up to one minute.

All of these can be done without purchasing any workout equipment. You can even do most them all while watching Netflix or Hulu. There’s really no excuse.

Anna Pelzer/Unsplash

Be proactive

If this is something you are worried about before you even have the issue, then you can start a routine now. Getting into healthy habits early on can slow down your risk of getting an upper-arm turkey wattle.

Your diet is another big reason why you may not see results. You have to have a healthy and balanced diet. Colorful fruits, healthy greens, and protein will all help your body stay trim.

So eat some veggies, put that movie on that you wanted to watch, and do your arm exercises. You’re only a few weeks away from being able to proudly and strongly wave goodbye.

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