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The brand behind wearable reading lights: Glocusent

A reading light that wraps around the neck

Glocusent offers a variety of book lights for passionate readers. From clip-on lights to bookmarks that light up, its fun and innovative options are typically available for under $30. The brand’s most popular product is a neck light that you can place around your neck to create a bright personal environment for reading.

Our review of Glocusent

Glocusent began in Colorado in 2019. The brand has always focused on selling small lighting solutions for readers. In our deep dive into Glocusent, we found that it offers a range of book lights that enhance reading experiences for people of all ages. Here are some of its top-tier products designed to elevate your reading experience.

Glocusent Rotatable Book Light

Glocusent rotatable book light

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The Glocusent rotatable book light allows you to adjust the light head from 0° to 340° for personalized lighting. Vertical adjustments ensure your partner’s restful sleep, while horizontal rotations accommodate larger books seamlessly. It has 22 LED beads in a dual-row layout, delivering bright and evenly distributed illumination. The thoughtful design incorporates brightness and eye-caring lighting, eliminating glare and discomfort during reading sessions.

Adjusting the light intensity with five brightness levels and stepless dimming is effortless. It also features three color temperatures (2700K, 4200K, 6000K) that set the mood for your reading journey. The built-in 1000mAh battery charges rapidly in 3.5 hours via the Type-C interface, providing non-dimming light for an impressive 10 to 100 hours. The Type-C interface enhances this light’s durability, prolonging its lifespan through numerous plug-and-play cycles.

Glocusent LED Book Light

Glocusent LED book light

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This book light offers a unique amber mode (1800k) that shields young eyes from harmful blue light, ensuring a comfortable reading experience that won’t strain or fatigue their developing vision. This versatile light adapts to various reading scenarios with three distinct light modes: amber, general, intensive, and three adjustable brightness levels. It comes with 16 superior LEDs boasting a high Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 95+, delivering even, flicker-free illumination that vividly brings children’s books to life.

It also features no sharp edges, offering complete peace of mind for parents. The convenience of USB-C rechargeability sets this light apart from the rest. With a powerful built-in battery, it offers an impressive reading time of 8 to 80 hours on a single charge, while the battery status indicator ensures easy tracking of charge levels. It comes with a unique design, rigorous certifications, and thoughtful accessories, making it an exceptional choice for parents seeking the best for their children. Its eye-caring amber mode, high CRI LED technology, safety certifications, and USB-C rechargeability make it an ideal choice.

Glocusent Innovative Tri-Head Book Light

Glocusent tri-head book light

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Glocusent’s innovative tri-head book light is a perfect reading companion that redefines convenience and customization. This unique T-shaped design transitions effortlessly from a vertical light to two joint horizontal lights, catering to pages of all sizes. It boasts 90° adjustable wing-heads, enabling you to tailor it to your preference, delivering focused or broader illumination. With 27 advanced LEDs, this book light outshines the competition with its uniform and radiant glow.

It offers impressive features, providing three color temperatures, 2700K for a calming ambiance, 4000K for tranquility, and 6000K for focus, each with five adjustable brightness levels. The Type-C rechargeable battery ensures fast, safe charging and provides up to 10 hours of continuous use on the brightest setting or an astonishing 100 hours on the lowest. It eliminates frequent charging interruptions, allowing you to indulge in uninterrupted reading sessions. Its expert design extends to partner-friendly features, enabling you to enjoy ample illumination while ensuring your partner’s peace and rest. The quiet gooseneck and low-noise buttons guarantee a serene shared reading experience. 

Glocusent Willow Book Light

Glocusent willow book light

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This book light boasts ten strategically placed LEDs that illuminate your pages with a captivating brightness. Its distinctive willow leaf shape ensures even and concentrated coverage, providing a larger expanse of light. With three adjustable brightness levels, it adapts effortlessly to your preferences, be it a radiant beam or a gentle glow that won’t disturb your partner, making it an ideal companion for your favorite literature. What sets this book light apart is its trio of color temperatures, catering to diverse nocturnal reading moods.

The soothing 1800k amber light, featuring 99% blue light filtration, promotes melatonin for restful slumber. The 3400k reading light reduces glare and offers cozy reading sans eye strain. The immersive 6000k head cap provides an enchanting experience for night owls seeking literary enchantment. It features a USB-C charging port, redefining convenience and safety. The lightweight design ensures your reading pleasure remains uninterrupted. This patented masterpiece arrives with a USB Type-C cable, user manual, and bookmark. 

Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light

Glocusent LED neck reading light

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The Glocusent LED neck reading light is a unique option for readers. With its quality features, you can seamlessly switch between three color temperature modes — yellow (3000K), warm white (4000K), and cool white (6000K) — each equipped with independent switches for three levels of dimmable brightness. Whether you’re engrossed in a book, knitting, camping, or fixing things, you can use this lighting to your preference. The rechargeable and long-lasting capability of this necklight is unparalleled. With a reversible USB Type-C rechargeable port, charging is hassle-free.

The premium 1000mAh battery offers up to 80 hours of undiminished brightness during general reading, ensuring enduring functionality. It comes with an eye-catching and ergonomic design in mind, providing a flicker-free experience with a blue light filter, making it suitable for both children and adults. The adjustable arms allow you to find the perfect angle for comfort, and the ergonomic neck design ensures hands-free convenience. Its narrow beam angle (90°) design is a standout feature, providing sufficient illumination to your reading area while remaining gentle on your partner’s sleep. With certifications including FCC, CE, PSE, and C-Tick, this product blends quality, innovation, and customer-centricity. 

Glocusent USB Rechargeable Book Light

Glocusent USB rechargeable book light

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This USB rechargeable book light is an excellent book-reading companion. This ingenious device combines advanced features to create an unparalleled reading experience. With its five brightness levels, you can effortlessly tailor the illumination to match your comfort, while the option to set your preferred brightness level as default ensures seamless bedtime reading. The innovative arrangement of 5 LED beads guarantees even distribution of light across pages, rendering it bright enough to encompass entire sheets yet gentle sufficient to coexist harmoniously with your surroundings, devoid of flickering or harshness.

This book light presents three distinctive color modes: amber mode filters out nearly all blue light, safeguarding your eyes and alleviating strain; breeze mode establishes a soothing ambiance for immersing in novels and poems; precise mode brings clarity to every intricate detail. Its USB rechargeable design and a 500mAh battery ensure an astonishing 10 to 80 hours of reading, depending on the brightness level chosen. The power indicators keep you informed about battery levels. The clamp opens to 150°, and the light head can pivot in various directions. Plus, it’s incredibly lightweight, making it a perfect travel companion that clips effortlessly onto books.

Glocusent reviews from customers

Our review of customer feedback revealed Glocusent’s dedication to innovation and quality. One standout product that garnered widespread acclaim is the rotatable book light, with hundreds of 5-star ratings on Amazon. They appreciated the lamp’s various settings and reliable brightness, and how easy it is to set up and use. 

Here are some other common themes among Glocusent reviews:

  • Glocusent’s rotatable book light boasts an innovative rotatable design that sets it apart from traditional book lights, providing consistent and broad illumination for an immersive reading experience.
  • Many content customers have appreciated the products for their practical features that regulate brightness, ensuring a comfortable experience without compromising convenience.
  • The versatile gooseneck design of Glocusent’s book light allows users to direct the illumination precisely where needed, enhancing comfort and adaptability during reading sessions.
  • Glocusent’s focus on convenience and durability shows in their product’s lightweight and portable design. The USB C charger, adjustable neck, and sturdy clip ensure stability and adaptability in various scenarios.
  • Customers have celebrated Glocusent’s book light’s performance, noting its ease of use, high-quality materials, and impressive battery life. It aligns with the brand’s commitment to innovation and excellence.
  • The rotating light head of the book light provides a wide range of illumination angles, catering to different preferences and needs for varying reading environments.
  • Glocusent’s book lights elevate reading pleasure, making it a cherished companion for bookworms and travelers alike.
  • The positive customer feedback and acclaim underscore Glocusent’s impact on enhancing the reading experience and cementing its position as a reliable and innovative brand.
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Where to buy Glocusent products

Glocusent’s products are available for purchase on its official website and other reputable online retailers like Amazon. With multiple purchase options, finding and buying Glocusent’s superior lighting solutions is convenient and straightforward.

Glocusent shipping and return policy


For orders on Glocusent’s website, there’s a standard shipping cost of $3.99 if the order includes only one unit. Orders containing more than one unit will benefit from standard free shipping. The typical shipping time may range from 3 to 5 business days.

If you purchase on Amazon, your order qualifies for free Prime shipping, if you’re a member.

Return Policy

Glocusent stands by the quality and design of its products, offering a 30-day money-back guarantee for any reason. If you’re unhappy with your purchase, you may request a full refund within this period. This guarantee applies to products bought from Glocusent’s authorized resellers and our official online stores. Products from unauthorized sellers or online marketplaces outside our network may not be eligible for this guarantee.

Customers should contact Glocusent at to initiate a return, providing information about where and when they purchased the product. If the return is approved, customers will receive further instructions on proceeding. 

You should request the return within thirty (30) days of the purchase date. For non-quality-related claims, buyers are responsible for return shipping costs. You can refer to the warranty section on its official site for details on quality-related issues and warranties.

Contact Glocusent


+1 323-908-8554


Common questions about Glocusent products

Q: Are all Glocusent’s products durable and easy to use?

A: Yes, Glocusent prides itself on crafting products that combine durability with user-friendliness. Their meticulous design emphasizes both the longevity and intuitive usability of each product. Glocusent utilizes high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure that its products withstand regular usage. Glocusent ensures that each product is not just a fleeting trend but an enduring solution that provides intuitive ease of use. This dedication extends to the selection of top-tier materials and the utilization of cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, resulting in visually appealing products capable of withstanding the rigors of everyday use and maintaining their functionality over the long term.

Q: How should I care for my Glocusent rotatable book light?

A: Caring for your Glocusent rotatable book light is straightforward. First, ensure you keep it away from moisture or extreme temperatures. When not in use, store it in a cool, dry place. To clean the surface, gently wipe it with a soft, lint-free cloth, avoiding harsh chemicals or abrasive pads. Periodically check the battery or power source to ensure optimal performance. Also, when adjusting the rotation, handle it carefully to prevent undue strain on its moving parts.

Q: Are all of Glocusent’s book lights safe for the eyes while reading?

A: Yes, Glocusent’s book lights prioritize eye safety. They offer even and flicker-free illumination, reducing eye strain and fatigue during prolonged reading sessions. The lights often have adjustable brightness settings, allowing readers to choose the optimal light intensity for their environment and comfort. By minimizing glare and providing a steady beam of light, Glocusent ensures that its book lights are gentle on the eyes and conducive to enjoyable reading experiences.

Q: Can my kids use Glocusent’s book light safely?

A: Yes. Glocusent’s book lights come with safety standards that suit users of all ages, including children. The lights do not emit harmful UV rays, and their sturdy build reduces the risk of damage. Their user-friendly interfaces are intuitive for kids to operate. But as with all electronic devices, it’s always a good idea for parents to provide initial guidance and supervise younger children’s usage to ensure safe and appropriate handling.

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