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5 helpful Facebook groups to join for vegans

There’s no way around it, over it, under it, or through it. Facebook is a giant astride the earth, now boasting a nigh-unbelievable 2.8 billion monthly users worldwide. (For reference, the population of the United States is around 330 million.)

One of Facebook’s most prominent superpowers is its ability to give users a platform to share information and content with a wide array of people. This builds strong communities with active members across the country and around the globe.

There’s another trend in a different segment of society, but one that’s showing similarly explosive growth. Plant-based or vegan diets are skyrocketing in popularity, with 9.6 million Americans now following that diet, according to 2020 survey data — that’s a 300 percent increase from 15 years ago.

Plant-based diets have been shown to hold a host of health benefits, on top of their appeal to those concerned about the environment or animal welfare. But it can take some adjustment. Furthermore, it’s possible the people around you may not fully understand or even accept your new lifestyle.

It seems veganism and the world’s largest social platform are a natural fit. There are plenty of Facebook groups dedicated to guiding and supporting novice and experienced vegans alike. We conducted research to uncover five of the best.

Vegan for Beginners

Just as its name suggests, this group was designed to help initiate and support those who are just embarking on their vegan journey. Its organizers tout this group, which currently boasts more than 230,000 members, as a place to share recipes, ask questions, and find inspiration.

If you’ve been a vegan for a while and that sounds pretty good to you, the more the merrier. You don’t need to be a noob to use or benefit from this group.

Vegans United

Plenty of vegans entered the lifestyle for reasons related to animal welfare and social justice. If that sounds familiar, this is the Facebook group for you. This enthusiastic group is dedicated to spreading the word on veganism and its benefits to the animal kingdom, and to connecting like-minded individuals who share those goals.

The Vegan Food Enthusiast

No matter why you joined the vegan community, food is at the center of everything. But if you think it’s all lettuce and tofu — or if you feel daunted by vegan cooking — this is a great group to be a part of.

Group organizers encourage non-vegans to join as well, as a way to become more familiar with the plant-based lifestyle. This group’s forte is taking the mystique out of plant-based meals in a friendly, accessible way.

What Broke Vegans Eat

One potential surprise to being vegan is that it can be rather expensive. Organic produce, plant-based proteins, and other vegan substitutes for “normal” foods all can carry a significantly higher price tag than their traditional counterparts, making veganism a tricky endeavor for those on a tighter budget.

Here members share recipes, strategies, and success stories for living the vegan lifestyle without breaking the bank. You’ll enjoy the social side of this site as well as the practical side, as you’ll find a sympathetic ear here if you’re looking to live an already complex lifestyle within the confines of a fixed income.

What F.A.T. Vegans Eat

Seeking something a little more light-hearted? Looking for a place to post a photo of those amazing meatless tacos you just whipped up? This is your one-stop shop for vegan “food porn,” as it’s known in the popular consciousness.

From cupcakes to candy bars to barbecue, here’s a place to not only get your appetite going but also to marvel at the possibilities of plant-based cooking. This is a fun place to go to salivate with your fellow devotees and perhaps pick up a cooking tip or two.

These are five of our favorite vegan Facebook groups, but there are plenty more available. No matter why you chose to go vegan, or how long you’ve been living the lifestyle, there’s a Facebook page for you. This is an area where Facebook can help its users, and if you’re a vegan interested in connecting with an ever-widening community, there’s no better place to do it than the social platform with the world’s biggest reach.

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