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Lovely items to help you practice self-love. You’re worth it

Self-love is the very best kind of love. We sometimes get so busy caring for others that it is easy to forget how important caring for ourselves really is. Self-love is not selfish. That is worth repeating. Self-love is NOT selfish. When you begin to learn to love yourself, only then will you begin to understand your worth. You will be able to stop looking to others to fulfill you and realize that you have everything you need within yourself. Learning to love yourself from the inside out is the first step, and these wonderfully indulgent items can help. Self-love takes time and patience, but you’re so worth it!

There’s an old saying that goes, “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” While choosing to put your own physical and mental wellbeing before that of others can sometimes be difficult, it is so necessary in order to be able to maintain your own health and happiness. Taking some time for yourself, whether to enjoy a questionable romance novel, delight in a hot shower, or treat yourself to a really really great cup of tea has tremendous physical and emotional benefits. Realizing that you are worth it is the first step, and once you believe that in your soul, the rest becomes easy.

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