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Get a brain boost by learning new instruments

It’s never too late to start learning a new instrument—and even better, picking up a new instrument stimulates new parts of the brain, creating greater neuroplasticity and improving brain health. Besides the neurological benefits, playing an instrument provides new forms of expression and brings more joy into your daily life. If you already play an instrument, expand your musical chops by picking up another.

Whether it’s stringed instruments or woodwinds, choose the instrument that resonates with you the most. The point of picking up a new instrument is to have fun, so take off the pressure and look up songs you like.

The possibilities for picking up a new instrument are endless: choose the instrument that most interests you. From learning how to read musical notation to playing to a rhythm, music is a great way to give your brain a boost. It can even increase your creativity, enhancing your life in more ways than one.

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5 string instruments to inspire a musical hobby
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Maybe you’re in need of a hobby, or maybe you need your kids to play with something afterschool that doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi. Maybe it's time to try music. Learning an instrument like the violin, viola, or cello is something you can work at a little bit each day, or as your schedule allows. It’s a rewarding uphill climb: it's good for your brain, increases digital dexterity, introduces you to a world of music, and gives your eyes a much-needed break from screens. Here are five instruments, from violin to cello, to launch a strings hobby at home.

Learning a musical instrument can yield all sorts of benefits: beautiful sound, for one, a habit of disciplined practice (as useful in the "real world" as the orchestra), not to mention it's a great way to keep your brain active without subjecting your eyes to glowing screens. And as these products illustrate, you don't have to break the bank to get started on a musical hobby. A small investment in the right instrument for you, whether violin, cello, or viola (or all three if you're ambitious), lets you fill your free time (or your child’s after school hours) meaningfully and beautifully.

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Get in touch with your creative side with these 5 items
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Not only does using your creative energy offer you an opportunity to become a better problem solver, but it also turns out being creative is actually good for your health. That’s right; creativity is beneficial for your brain, and it is also associated with positive mental and physical health. However, figuring out where to start tuning into your creative energy could be overwhelming. These five items can help.

No matter which way you chose to flex your creative muscles, you will find that making something physically tangible is a highly rewarding experience. Whether you get crafty with some paintbrushes or begin to crochet a blanket, rest assured that when you’re getting in tune with your inner artist, you’re doing something good for your health.

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