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Get a brain boost by learning new instruments

It’s never too late to start learning a new instrument—and even better, picking up a new instrument stimulates new parts of the brain, creating greater neuroplasticity and improving brain health. Besides the neurological benefits, playing an instrument provides new forms of expression and brings more joy into your daily life. If you already play an instrument, expand your musical chops by picking up another.

Whether it’s stringed instruments or woodwinds, choose the instrument that resonates with you the most. The point of picking up a new instrument is to have fun, so take off the pressure and look up songs you like.

The possibilities for picking up a new instrument are endless: choose the instrument that most interests you. From learning how to read musical notation to playing to a rhythm, music is a great way to give your brain a boost. It can even increase your creativity, enhancing your life in more ways than one.

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