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Unusual percussion instruments to create rhythm with friends

Without even thinking about it, our fingers go tap, tap, tap, tap with the beat of a catchy tune. Rhythm is all around us. It keeps songs moving along, connects us to the beat, and brings music to life. Rhythm is a pattern in time that is felt by all. Music can not exist without rhythm, but rhythm can exist on its own. Rhythm is a universal language, much like a smile, and fulfills our innate desire to be in harmony with others and the world around us. 

Wouldn’t it be fun to gather together a group of close friends, give each person an unusual percussion instrument, and watch as the rhythm brings sound to life? We have compiled a list of unique noise-making items and hope that you will be inspired to create your own music using one or more.

Some of the best moments of your life can happen when you and a few friends let go of your inhibitions and allow music to take you where it will. The bonds and memories you make will last a lifetime. Rhythm gives us motion and connects us to the people and music we love. What could be better than sharing moments like this with your best friends?

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