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Turning our spare room into an office

When we have finally decided to turn that spare room into an office, we have several options. We may want to remove what was in the room before, but perhaps if it is not in the way, we might keep a table, or even a mattress in the room. To make the best use of the space, we should choose a desk and other furniture that will serve us well without limiting our options for that room. However, if we are planning on working from home we will need to make the space free from distractions.

Here are some choices for office accessories that will make the most out of our home office space.

These options will be great for converting our old space into our new office. With just a little bit of consideration we will be able to plan out the look that suits us best and choose the furniture that will go with our design.

Editors' Recommendations

Microphone cables choices for family singers
A woman laughing to something she's listening to.

Having singers in the family makes us want to make sure their voices get heard.  We know a good microphone is important for stage performances as well as studio recordings. We know we need to choose a high quality microphone that is free of distortion in order to provide the best vocal support. However, equally important to the microphone, is the cable. Sometimes this accessory gets overlooked and this can cause problems for voice recording and amplification.

Here are some choices in cables that will go with the all important microphone.

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Audio cables for our party
Group of friends toasting at a Fourth of July party

We are almost ready for the big party, but it turns out we need audio cables for the new band. Things have all come together at the last minute and we need to make sure that nothing gets left out. We know the performers are top notch, but we want to make sure that they have everything they need so the sound will be perfect.

Here are some supplies that will make sure that whether it is for the amplifiers, the guitar, the instrument board, or whatever else, we will have the things we need to make sure our band has what it needs.

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Ideas for the left handed musician
A woman is packing her suitcase while listening to music.

In life and in musical instruments, sometimes the left handed musician has fewer choices. Things are built with a right handed perspective and while this is often not that much of an issue, in a few ways, those with the left handed trait may find things more difficult. This can definitely be true in the case of some musical instruments.

Here are a few ideas and gifts that will offer a left handed player a chance to display their musical talent.

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