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5 simple steps to more earth-friendly living

Going green may sometimes feel like a prospect so intimidating, it can often become a stressor. But, in fact, by making a few simple changes to daily habits, transitioning to a more eco-friendly life can be both stress-free and joyful.

The kitchen is an ideal place to start making changes, since it’s where avoidable waste typically occurs. Whether it’s at the grocery store, during food preparation, or when tackling the post-meal cleanup, a more thoughtful approach to food shopping and preparation can pay dividends in a number of ways, reducing a single household’s carbon footprint dramatically. Beyond the kitchen, there are a slew of ways to practice eco-consciousness, and tread more lightly on the earth.

There are, of course, many other, more lofty elements to living more sustainably—from being an informed, discerning consumer, to supporting organic farming practices—but thinking small is the most practical way to ensure any lasting lifestyle changes. By setting clear, attainable goals, the chances of becoming overwhelmed and frustrated by the enormity of any pressing issue are quickly lessened.

The 5 simple, eco-friendly steps, listed above, are sure to have an immediate impact on daily living, and are a reminder that modest improvements to long-established habits can have sizable consequences, for both the planet and to one’s personal wellbeing.

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